Your Destination: Master Oracle Technologist Status

    You want to advance your Oracle knowledge and get more out of your technology. COLLABORATE 16 - IOUG Forum is your GPS, roadmap and souped-up vehicle all rolled into one. Scroll down this page to learn how you can learn and connect with your industry peers in the IOUG community at COLLABORATE 16.

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    Your Contest Priority Code

    Enter priority code ROADTOC16 when you register for COLLABORATE 16 - IOUG Forum to be entered to win a Pebble Smartwatch.

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    Map Your Trip

    Find the focus areas that best match your interests and expertise. Prepare for practical tools and lessons on all things Oracle technology.







    Travel Incentives: Benefits Exclusive to the IOUG Forum

    When you travel with IOUG, you get the best of the best in Oracle technical content. From complimentary pre-conference workshops to exclusive receptions, IOUG connects you to unlimited networking opportunities and more Oracle expert tutorials.



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    Meet Your Tour Guides

    We’ve enlisted tons of expert speakers to help guide your COLLABORATE 16 journey. Don’t miss out on hearing their thoughts on Big Data, stories about installing the latest Cloud competency or new approaches to Oracle products – real-life examples that you can take right back to your organization.



    Connect with Your Fellow Travelers

    Connect with your fellow Oracle technologists and database professionals at the IOUG Welcome Reception, Wednesday Appreciation Event, Exhibitor Showcase, at the IOUG booth and more.



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